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Contract Documents

Successful and cost-effective construction relies upon appropriate communication of a project design by the designer to the contractor and other project participants.  From project conception, through design and construction, to facility management, effective communication of the project requirements depends largely on having complete and coordinated construction documents.


An accurate and complete set of drawings and specifications is key to providing a client with a construction project that is completed on time and within or under budget. Hollon+Cannon has a proven record of producing, arguably, the most comprehensive construction documents in the state compared with other Consultants in the Industry. Construction Documents produced by Hollon+Cannon Group, LLC will consist of technical specifications documenting regulatory requirements, designed products and proper installation techniques. Also included are accurate, to scale, roof plans, elevations, sections, details and other building envelope drawings as required to comprehensively address all items included in the scope of work.


The Hollon+Cannon Group is  widely known in the industry by both Owners and Contractors for providing the highest quality of contract documents in the roofing and building envelope community.  They are recognized for their attention to detail, thorough knowledge of roofing and waterproofing systems and their ability to convey that understanding in both construction details and written specifications.  Clients have long appreciated their ability to produce comprehensive documents, and Contractors prefer to work from documents that do not leave room for variations between bidders.